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First of all you are a pleasure to work with. You have a good, playful energy. It feels safe, fun and comfortable to work with you. There’s no ‘edge’ in you nor do I feel like you’re trying to prove yourself or the material. You are very ‚clean‘ and it’s enjoyable to work with you, Hannah.
I think you’re a gem of person and coach. The information was so helpful and I’m not sure that I could have learned that any other way.
The astrology material (and how my ‚Venus‘ nature animates me) reminded me so strongly of how helpful it is to look at myself through multiple modalities. Something new has arisen for me through coaching, energy work and astrology. The puzzle (within me…my story) is coming together. Yay! Thanks dearly for your help in that.


Kristi Butler

Wellness and Life Coach , kristibutler.com

Working with Hannah is so wonderful because she is able to explain your chart with wisdom and authority, but also with humor and peace. I always feel so happy and at peace when we talk, but I always come away with new insights into myself and the inspiration to explore further. Hannah also went through my daughter’s chart with me and I came away from it with a new understanding and compassion that I ddin’t have before. This is the power of Hannah’s gifts.

Theresa Sullivan

Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Wayfinder Advisors

Hannah, I felt very comfortable with you while you were giving me the reading. You are very intuitive and seemed to be able to pinpoint when something in my chart was important to talk through with me.
A big sigh of relief after your reading! I think you have a great gift of being able to combine your knowledge of astrology with your coaching skills. Please keep doing what you are doing!!! You are really good at it.

Houkje Ross

Writer and Life Coach, houkjeross.com

Hannah was able to pinpoint some issues that were very relevant to my relationship.
She gently used her intuition to guide me to some questions that allowed me to look at things with new eyes.
Even though there is so much information available in the chart itself, Hannah helped me see that nothing is written in stone; it;s all in the way I approach the situation.
Knowing what’s there can really help shine a light onto how I make the approach.

Lisa Levine

Life Coach, Lisa Levine Coaching

Hannah is very knowledgeable about astrology, and she has a warm and caring approach which made me feel very comfortable. She is light-hearted and a lot of fun to talk to! I really enjoyed getting my reading from her. I learned a lot about my astrological characteristics, and I resonated very much with what she said. I feel calmer and also feel a sense of relief at getting some of the information she shared with me. It is helping me make sense of my career and other parts of my life that I had a lot of confusion about. Thanks so much, Hannah, you have helped me a lot!

Michelle Goble

Michelle Goble, Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, Certified Reiki Master, michelle-goble.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com

Hannah hat mir mit ihrem Wissen über Astrologie die Beziehung von mir zu meinem Sohn erläutert. Ich war absolut positiv überrascht, wie viel Hannah mir über uns sagen konnte, ohne uns zu kennen, und wie treffend sie meinen Sohn beschrieben hat. Ich habe darüber hinaus neue Erkenntnisse erhalten, die mir ermöglichen, ihn und mich besser zu verstehen. Sie hat mir auch Ausblicke für die nächsten Monate gegeben.
Hannah ist in ihrer Arbeit sehr kompetent, einfühlsam, humorvoll und klar. Mit einer Engelsgeduld beantwortete sie meine Fragen auf leicht nach zu vollziehende Art, kompetent und weise. Ich fühle mich klarer und bestätigt, und das gibt mir ein Gefühl von Sicherheit und mehr Selbstbewusstsein. Ihre Astrologie-Coachings sind sehr empfehlenswert. Jeder, der sich und sein Kind besser verstehen und kennen lernen möchte, sollte sich auf die Stelle zu ihr begeben!

Petra Schwehm

Holistic Health Counselor und Numerologische Lebensberaterin, petraschwehm.de

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