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Water Bearer Astrology

Understanding Astrology Visually


Astrology is a complex and abstract form of art. It’s full of mysterious symbols and code names describing character traits and the relations between these traits.
Because it’s so abstract, it’s very hard to gain an intuitive approach to this otherwise very powerful tool. You will either be at the mercy of an astrologer hopefully decoding your chart for you – or you have to bend your mind in many different ways to understand what those symbols want to tell you.

My goal is to give you access to astrology in an intuitive, visual way. I let images do the interpretation of the symbol!

It’s quite fascinating how well it works – now you can not only imagine the difference between Mars in Cancer and Mars in Aries, you can see it!

Because – including the houses Ascendant – there are 1452 different possible combinations, it will take some time to paint every single one and explain it.

I will take my time and do a thorough exploration.

I can’t wait for you to join my journey! It will be oh so worth it!

Understand astrology visually - Moon in Cancer